Winter in the Foothills Painting

I used a reclaimed solid oak wood panel for the canvas of this acrylic painting. I loved the rounded beveled edges of the panel and went to work creating the memory of my childhood growing up in southern Alberta, Canada in the winter. We are blessed to view the Rocky Mountains and gorgeous forests every day, and I especially love winter in the woods. There are many little cabins to be found hidden in the trees and this was one we came across when I was small. I added several layers of gesso to the cleaned, sounded panel and used acrylic, paints, and layers to achieve the misty mountain effect I wanted. The painting measures 22 inches at its widest point by 17 inches tall and 1 inch deep. I painted the beveled panel edge in a contrasting ash color and the painting has been sealed. This painting evokes nostalgic Christmas memories from the past and is waiting for you to hang it in your home!

All artworks are copyright of Shelly Bischoff and Art by Schnel. All rights reserved.