Meet the Haus of Bischoff

Shelly and Roland Bischoff live on a little acreage just south of Calgary, Alberta Canada. Their story is not unlike others in that Roland's work was drastically reduced in his oil and gas inspection business during the recession. In an attempt create their own revenue stream, the idea of Haus of Bischoff became a reality in 2016!

Roland has worked with wood as a hobby throughout his life and always received compliments on the quality of his craft.  Shelly is an artist and has honoured a livelong love of art using acrylic and watercolour paint to create what speaks to her  spirit and heart . She is a proud member of the Mètis Nation of Alberta and grateful that her indigenous grandmother shared her love of drawing and native heritage.  Her art is full of wildlife, the foothills  and mountains of southern Alberta including a nod to the past. She also adds whimsical, cheeky, and humour in her original animal art paintings on reclaimed wood.

Shelly & Roland not only love the story and authenticity that the reclaimed wood offers to each product, but there is also synergy with their passion to handcraft products from existing material. All types of reclaimed wood and materials are personally sourced by Shelly and Roland who combine their craftsmanship, creativity, and art design elements to their products.

They enjoy the adventure of sourcing reclaimed wood and the people they meet along the way. They frequently head to Saskatchewan where Shelly's dad helps source old barn and fence wood, always on the search for vintage fixtures and materials or purchase reclaimed wood in the Calgary area in support of non profit organizations. They combine all types of wood and vintage materials to create one of a kind products. Their products have a warm and rustic aesthetic because they  intentionally leave existing textures, imperfections, marks and even nail heads intact so the story of the wood and materials continues.

 Every product is handcrafted by Shelly and Roland for you and is infused with love of all things wood and art. They offer several different collections of reclaimed wood products to add warmth, character and charm to your world. They have become known for the fun and unique Christmas product line which has become a favourite of customers over the years. 

Reach out to connect with Shelly and Roland to discuss your custom designs and ideas!