Big Baloo Bear Animal Art on Reclaimed Wood

 I finished another original animal painting on reclaimed wood. I applied gesso to the sanded and assembled reclaimed wood boards. I used acrylic paint to create big blue bear. I wanted him to appear more scared of you than you are of him!

II applied several coats of paint to create the depths and his fur, and wanted his nose to appear 3-D. You really can’t miss it can you? He is so close you can almost smell him… Lol! 

The reclaimed wood boards have original texture such as nail holes which adds to the character of the painting. The painting is framed in red Meranti wood and the painting is sealed with polyurethane. The painting hangs from 2D rings and wire on the back. He really has a presence doesn’t he? Where will you hang him?

Big Ball Bear measures 18 x 18 inches framed

All artworks are copyright of Shelly Bischoff and Art by Schnel. All rights reserved.